Thursday, December 9, 2010

Xiao Yawu on Chinese Calligraphy 萧雅悟谈学书法

Xiao Yawu shares with us his reflection on learning Chinese calligraphy as follows:

萧雅悟与他的书法 Xiao Yawu and His Calligraphy
In the days when I had nothing to do, I started learning Chinese calligraphy. However, I feel I lack perseverance and do not achieve much result after these few years of learning. After reading the posting by an English educated person on his learning of Chinese calligraphy (click here to read), I am full of all sorts of feelings well up in my minds. I am Chinese educated and yet I do not devote enough attention to Chinese traditional culture.
Recently I participated in the 12th National Teochew Artists Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition held at the Ngee Ann Cultural Centre. With a lot of encouragement from my teacher and classmates, I have also participated in a number of exhibitions held locally and overseas. I always think that I would have given up learning calligraphy long ago if not because of these activities. I am grateful to the organizations that give me the opportunities to exhibit my calligraphic works.
In the process of learning and reading the model calligraphic works, we always spend much time to continuously reflect and think about the writing flow, brush techniques and the compositional structure. When we find the ‘correct answers’, or enlighten suddenly after pointing out by teachers or seniors, the joy is really beyond words. Perhaps this is how it makes learning calligraphy fun. In the process of creating a piece of calligraphic work, there is yet another bittersweet brought about by this process of artistic creation.
For a new learner of Chinese calligraphy, perhaps it is this type of joy that encourages me along this learning journey. What I have mentioned here is just an expression of my own mental state. My knowledge on calligraphy is so limited that I beg your understanding.


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