Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Heart Sutra Calligraphy 《心经》

The Buddhist Heart Sutra has been copied and written in various calligraphic forms innumerable times through the ages, and has become one of the most practiced calligraphy texts.
The full title of this sutra is Prajna-paramita Heart Sutra of which Prajna-paramita is a Sanskrit term. Prajna means wisdom. Paramita means to go from one shore to the other shore; it also means completion. Accordingly, Prajna-paramita means "the perfection of Wisdom".
This sutra is more briefly named the Heart Sutra. It is called the "Heart" in as much as it subsumes the essence of the Perfection of Wisdom of the Buddha. It is the best known Mahayana sutra, and, at 260 words, it is also the shortest.
Here are some calligraphic works of Heart Sutra for those who are interested in Heart Sutra calligraphy.

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