Friday, April 15, 2011

Sun Xiaoyun 孙晓云

Sun Xiaoyun, born in 1955, is a famous female artist from the Jiangsu Province, China. She receives more than 10 awards at the national Chinese calligraphy competitions and thus is a leading Chinese calligrapher. She is currently the vice director of the Nanjing Art Academy, vice-chair of the Calligraphy Association of Jiangsu Province, judge of the National Seal Carving and Calligraphy Exhibition for the Middle-aged and Youth. She is also professor at the Calligraphy Research Institute of China and the Calligraphy Training Centre of China. As a national Class-A artist, she receives Specialist Allowance from the State Council of China.
Born into a family with a strong tradition of calligraphy, she started practising Chinese calligraphy daily at three years old. She completed her post-secondary education in 1973. Despite of her status as an educated youth who lived in the city, she was sent to work in a village in Jiangpu County for five years. In 1978, she joined the Air Force of the Nanjing Military Area Command to work as a librarian. During her stint in the military unit, she started to exhibit and to publish her calligraphic and painting works, and studied in the Jiangsu Provincial Chinese Painting Institute for two years. In 1985, she started working at the Nanjing Art Academy and was promoted to become its vice-director in 1999. In 2006, she was appointed as the vice-director of the Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum.
She has been sticking to studying by herself for a long time, and has practiced widely based on the ancient model calligraphic works of both rubbing and stele. She studies the model calligraphic works carefully in details and is good at drawing conclusions from practical experiences. Since the end of 1970s, she started working on the rubbing theory. Using the calligraphic style of two-wangs (Wang Xizhi and Wong Xianzi) as a starting point, she ventures into the writing styles of many other famous calligraphers. She pays special attention to the brushwork techniques and is able to thoroughly master them after a countless number of brushes were used. At the same time, she is able to subtlely combine the ancient calligraphic tradition with the modern sense of aesthetic appreciation and thus created a now path of neo-classicism, which has caused a stir in China. She has gradually and finally established a natural and unaffected, tranquil and quietly elegant, refreshing artistic style of calligraphy.

Shown here are some of her calligraphic works.

孙晓云生于1955年,是江苏省著名女书画艺术家,10余次在中国全国书法展赛中获得大奖,成为当今书坛的领军人物之一。现为南京书画院副院长,江苏省书法家协会副主席,全国中青年书法篆刻展览评审委员,中国书法进修学院、中国书法培训中心特聘书法教授。国家一级美术师, 享受国务院特殊津贴。



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