Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wen Jiabao’s Handwriting: Distress Rejuvenates a Nation 温家宝的字:多难兴邦

Chinese Calligraphy is both a means of communication and a revered form of art, and the dividing line is often vague. It is also said to reveal the inner character of a person - one can detect the virtue of a writer by the beauty of his brushstrokes.
The Chinese people therefore always treasure the handwriting of calligraphy of their leaders. It is therefore not surprising that rulers, officials, politicians in the China have long used their graceful handwriting to cement their power and display their ‘inner character.’
In 2008, the Beichuan Middle School lost a thousand students in May’s devastating Sichuan earthquake. When Premier Wen Jiabao visited the school’s temporary quarters, he wrote four characters on a blackboard to inspire the students: "distress rejuvenates a nation", pointing out that despite all of the hardship that the Wenchuan earthquake had brought to the students, their families, and the people of Sichuan, it wasn't the end of the world.
After his departure, teachers and students could not bear to erase his chalk inscription, which was covered in plastic until the Sichuan Cultural Relics Bureau could devise a method for permanently preserving Wen’s handwriting.
"Those characters brought us strength. We keep them in our hearts," one freshman student told the reporter. "It'd be great if we could preserve that piece of blackboard forever." Lots of students and teachers at Beichuan Middle School supported this idea.
Wen is among many of the Chinese leaders who are good in calligraphy. Here are two pieces of his calligraphic works.

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