Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wang Sui Pick 王瑞璧

Wang Sui Pick (1904 - 1998) was born in 1904 in Anxi, Fujian province of China. His father Wang Qianyou later migrated to Singapore and became a businessman.

In 1921, after completed his high school education in Xiamen, Wang came to Singapore to join his parents. In Singapore, Wang rendered 3.5 years of service in education sector. In 1925, he went back to Xiamen University to further his study. While staying in Fujian, he worked as a teacher and principal of various high schools for a total of 16 years.
In 1954, he returned to Singapore and took up a teaching post at Nanyang Girls’ High School. In 1961, he became principal of Chong Hwa High School in Kluang and in 1967 he joined Chong Hwa Independent High School in Kuala Lumpur as it principal until his retirement in 1970.
Wang was a quiet person by nature and he led a disciplined life. In his youth, he had already cultivated an interest in Chinese calligraphy. He started learning Yan and Liu styles, and later was fascinated and attracted by Huai Shu’s cursive style and spent much time practiced it.
However, he was famous for his finger calligraphy, which he discovered and practiced since his days in Xiamen in 1930s.
His first calligraphy exhibition was held in 1981 and since then, he had participated in numerous calligraphy exhibitions locally and overseas.
For his excellent artistic works in Chinese calligraphy, he was awarded the Cultural Medallion by the National Art Council, Singapore in 1992. Together with Pan Shou, who received the Cultural Medallion (Art) in 1986, the two were considered the most outstanding calligraphers and regarded as 'National Treasures' in Singapore.
Wang passed away in 1998.

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