Thursday, November 19, 2009

Chew Nyee King 周仪卿

Chew Nyee King (Zhou Yiqing) has just completed a calligraphy course conducted by the Singapore Senior Citizen Calligraphy University Centre (SSCCUC) and was conferred the title of ‘Calligrapher of SSCCUC’ on 14 Nov.
Chew recalls her stay in Beijing eleven years ago and during the morning exercises in gardens, she used to see people practice Chinese calligraphy on the cement ground, using water-filled sponge attached to a wooden stick. The words written by them were beautiful. She told herself that one day she must also start learning Chinese calligraphy.
In 2007, while enjoying her happy old age by playing with grandchildren, she decided that she would turn her admiration for beautiful calligraphic works into zeal of learning the art. She therefore enrolled into a calligraphy course conducted by the Senior Citizen Calligraphy University Centre and started learning calligraphy from Professor Tan Siak Kwee.
In the process of learning, she realises that Chinese calligraphy is a difficult subject and there are no short cuts to success. At times, she felt like quitting the course. However, with the encouragement of her classmates, she learned a lot by discussing with them and this has confirmed her love for the art. She now also has a good understanding of the art. After three years of study, she finally completed the calligraphy course.
In order to improve her calligraphy, Chew hopes to continue practice calligraphy, attend calligraphy exhibitions, attend writing-on-the-spot sessions by famous calligraphers, and spend more times reading books on calligraphy.
The calligraphic work shown here as is one of her works that is accepted for display at the Graduates’ Calligraphy Exhibition held from 14 to 19 Nov at the Singapore Calligraphy Centre. The text of the calligraphy says:
‘The common interest of enjoying the sounds of the mountains has brought us closer together.’

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