Thursday, June 25, 2009

Seow Yawu’s Calligraphy 萧雅悟的书法

Seow Yawu’s (Xiao Yawu) interest in Chinese calligraphy is a result of the strict demand of the Chinese calligraphy home work by his first teachers. After leaving school, Yawu had to work overseas to earn his living and during this period, he lost touch with the Chinese culture.
Yawu is now retired and learning calligraphy by attending the Senior Citizen Calligraphy University class conducted by Professor Tan Siak Kwee. Although he had very little knowledge of Chinese calligraphy, his interest in calligraphy was further developed and confidence gained after almost three years of training and study of its theory and techniques. His calligraphy works were also selected for display at the Senior Calligraphy Exhibition in 2008 and the Singapore Calligraphy Annual Exhibitions in 2008 and 2009.
The text of his calligraphy shown here is a poem ‘The Temple of Qu Yuan’ written by Dai Shulun (732-789) of Tang dynasty.

Endlessly the Yuan and Xiang rivers flow,
So do the deep lament of Qu Yuan.
As evening falls, the autumn wind blows,
With maple leaves rustling.

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