Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tan Sok Khoon’s Calligraphy 陈淑群书法

The calligraphy shown here is written by Tan Sok Khoon, a practicing accountant. She has learned the art for about 5 years and is currently a third year student of the Senior Citizen Calligraphy University Centre, Singapore.
Sok Khoon’s calligraphic works have been selected for display at a number of calligraphy exhibitions in Singapore. These exhibitions include the 16th and 18th Senior Citizens Calligraphy Exhibitions and the 28th Singapore Calligraphy Annual Exhibition - Contemporary Singapore Calligraphy Exhibition in 2008.
The content of her calligraphic piece is a poem written by Du Fu, a famous poet during the Tang (618 - 907) period in China.
Du Fu: Delighting in Rain on a Spring Night
A good rain knows its proper time,
It waits until the Spring to fall.
It drifts in on the wind, steals in by night;
Its fine drops drench, yet make no sound at all.
The paths between the fields are cloaked with clouds;
A river-skiff’s lone light still burns.
Come dawn, we’ll see splashes of wet red –
The flowers piled up the whole Jinguan city
这幅书法写的是唐代 (618 - 907) 著名大诗人杜甫的诗<春夜喜雨>:

好雨知时节, 当春乃发生。
随风潜入夜, 润物细无声。
野径云俱黑, 江船火独明。
晓看红湿处, 花重锦官城。

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