Thursday, May 14, 2009

Loh Chee Keong’s Calligraphy 卢志强的书法

Loh Chee Kiong (Lu Zhiqiang) is a retiree who calls himself a Leisure Pace Seeker.
He developed a keen interest in Chinese calligraphy during secondary school days, as he was attracted by the calligraphy of his school Principal Chen Jen Hao (Chen Renhao).
Chee Kiong started learning calligraphy in 1998 at the Singapore Calligraphy Centre, under the guidance of Professor Tan Siah Kwee (Chen Shenggui). He started with the Yan style, and then turned to practice Zhao MengFu’s style, and the works of other famous calligraphers such as Wang Tingjian, Mifu, Dong Qichang and Wang Duo.
Chee Kiong participated in a number of calligraphy exhibitions. He participated in the Singapore Senior Citizen Calligraphy Exhibitions since 2000, and received the Meritorious Award in 2003. He also participated in the Singapore Calligraphy Annual Exhibition since 2007. In 2005, he participated in the Singapore Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition held in Paris.
The calligraphic work showed here was on display at Singapore Calligraphy Annual Exhibition 2009 held at the Singapore Calligraphy Centre from 25 to 28 April. It is believed that the writer of the poem is Wu Chu in Sung Dynasty.
The bridge side willows touching the stream,
At the west end of the North Bridge is your home.
This place is unlike the human world;
Sun is warm, flowers fragrant, and mountain birds singing.

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